It is the responsibility of the leasing student to understand and acknowledge the terms and conditions outlined below:

1. Full payment must accompany the order and will be processed upon receipt. Returned checks and charge backs to credit cards will result in a $25 service charge.

2. The lessee agrees to reimburse The Melvin Group for any and all loss or damage to the rental unit from any cause whatsoever. In the event that the unit is not returned, the replacement cost for the rental unit will be $500 for units with a microwave and $350 for units without a microwave.

3. The lessee shall be responsible for having the MicroFridge defrosted, clean, dry and ready for pick up at the end of the academic year. A $25 cleaning fee will be charged for units that are not cleaned properly.

4. The unit must have all original parts intact. The replacement costs for the parts are as follows: refrigerator shelf = $10; microwave plate = $30 and microwave ring = $20. Lessee agrees to pay for replacement of parts not returned with the unit.

5. It is the responsibility of the student to notify The Melvin Group if they are leaving school during the academic term or changing rooms ( or 877-870-6098). If the unit is not available for pick-up, the lessee will pay the replacement cost of $500 for the rental unit. A search fee of $35.00 will be incurred for a MicroFridge not in the assigned room location upon pick up at the end of the lease term.

6. Refunds will be granted for the first 30 days less a $40 processing fee.

7. The lessee acknowledges that the MicroFridge unit requires a grounded three-prong outlet. If the student’s room does not have a proper outlet, a grounded adapter must be used. If an extension cord is used, it must be a three-prong extension cord with a wire gauge no thinner than #18 wire.

Please take the time to print out the Lease Agreement for your records... Click Here

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